my first yoga festival.

this weekend i got inspired.

i went to my first yoga festival ever, moksha here in topanga. i'm gonna admit on here that i felt, well, a little intimidated by the whole event. back to back yoga classes, kirtan, and i'd have to show up by myself.  i haven't been doing a whole lot of yoga asana, and sometimes all the kirtan and hindu stuff just overwhelms me and weirds me out. is that bad to say? patrick and i have been making pros and cons lists more often recently, and pretty much we always find there are very little cons to doing most things. probably also because we're not crazy and don't desire to do stupid stuff. that helps. anyways, we decided i must experience life more, therefore go to moksha, and confront my silly little fears. well what do you know?! the whole while i was there i just felt like i was swimming in peace. i mean, it's a yoga festival, that's what it's all about! when i got there i meditated with tracee stanley for 1 1/2 hours. it was challenging for sure. i nodded off for a few minutes...? but mostly felt bathed in positivity and good intentions... thinking about lovely things like miniature versions of my peaceful self in a tiny golden egg in my heart {yea!!!}, and going into a cave in my heart and finding a candle topped lotus in a pool of water {isn't that just lovely to imagine?!}. next i took an asana class with noelle beaugureau. noelle's classes always remind me to love and simply let go of the results of my efforts. and i didn't think i had it in me, but i took one more class with ashley albrand. ashley's words fill my soul to the brim. seriously next class i think i'm going to take notes...'your past empowers you.' 'when you need to do something that scares you, it's the universe waving a red flag, telling you come over here!' so so good. and in the classes i was surrounded by such beautiful people, and a few women i've met time and again that always allow me to feel loved and that i can be myself. what a gift.

my mindset this week is... openness, living without fear, remembering to laugh, and more onesies. haha yes, more onesies must happen. {i'm wearing a purusha one above!}

i hope your weekend inspired you too! namaste.


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