sometimes it's so clear: 3 reasons why.

i just had a glass of wine. ha so beware. 

but seriously, sometimes huge revelations that are eerily subconsciously obvious come to light under the microscope of a mind altering substance. like a nice glass of mid priced trader joe's wine. right now i remember:

1. there is no need to compete. it's funny to say this as my job is in a competitive industry, probably one of the most competitive places to work, fashion. but when i think in that mentality, that i have something to lose and my work can be copied and you can't trust everyone... just... STOP! there is nothing wrong with being a trusting open-hearted person that doesn't believe success lies in the rat race. i find my most loved and understood works are the creations that stem from a place of purity and honesty. bask in that.

2. all you have to do it be yourself. that sounds so easy, doesn't it? but the 'yourself' that is innocent, like a child. not naive of course, just not jaded by life. the yourself you wish you could be if you didn't let fears stop you from doing what you believe is right.

3. create. all the time. don't waste a second comparing yourself to anyone else. we are all just people doing the best we can. no one has anything over you. i met someone the other day who claimed to 'not be a natural artist'. i told him 'everyone's an artist.' we all have this unreal potential to create because we are each unique, no one can think like you and put what they love into something real the way you can.

good night! sending you love.


  1. wise, positive words. i kind of needed to read something like this, right now.

    1. i am so glad kylee <3 thank you so much for reading! XO!



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