my fitness.

i just got back from the gym! and this is what i wore :). some purusha pants and a fun vintage tank my friend colleen brought back from cambodia.

i've been thinking of taking my fitness up a notch recently. i thought it might seem a little obsessive to use this tool, but i'm finding it to be kinda fun and interesting... it's called my fitness pal . basically you log in everything you eat and your daily exercise, and before that you enter in what your goals are, so my fitness pal plans how many calories you'll need each day to get there. i didn't realize before, but i freakin' put that food away man! i was eating A LOT. i know some of you might be thinking, who cares?! you're tiny! yes true, but because i've been working out hard at the gym i want to see more results than i am now. so that's where diet steps in. right now i run or hike about 3 times a week for at least an hour, practice yoga whenever i feel like it, and go to the gym for weight classes twice a week. it's actually really manageable. and just feels damn good. but without a change to your diet, it's difficult to see the progress you're making. i'm thinking of posting before and after photos, as well as what i'm eating. i always think that kind of stuff is interesting, do you?!

anywhos! have a beautiful merry friday my dears! x.


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