purusha's next collection : nightcall.

art c/o tracey emin

happy weekend my dearests!

today i am brainstorming! it's very fun! i'm approaching purusha's next collection exactly as that, a collection. wanna know what it's gonna be?! hehe sure you do! ;) it's going to be called 'nightcall!'. patrick thinks that sounds like a bootie call... but i'm thinking of it more as the night, or what's seemingly dark and scary, but good and beautiful too, calling you to do what you're afraid of. it's inspired by the movie 'drive', starring dream boy ryan gosling {swoon!} and carey mulligan {she's the reason i cut my hair!}, and by the main song in it 'night call' by kavinsky. so it's gonna be what i think is just the coolest styles from the 80's and 90's {the movie has an 80's thing going on. but not cheesy 80's. do you know what i mean?!}. i'm envisioning neon {not excessive. good lord.}, classic sweat pants, more nylon prints, tight little bra tops under loose flowy big arm hole tanks, a romper, stirrup leggings, a touch of sequins {again subtle. this is key}, and fun inspirational words on tops about facing the darkness. the line will be ready in about a month! yea yea!

i sure hope you are finding some time today to get creative. it's such beautiful therapy. much love!


  1. I LOVED the romper in one of your recent posts--I really hope that makes its debut in your store soon!

    1. im so glad you like it jeannie! it will debut very soon! :) just working out the pattern to be sure it's the best fit! xoxo



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