no mud, no lotus.

my friend and teacher ashley said these words to us this morning in yoga class.

what a concept. without the ugliness, the darkness, the negativity, the shit (literal and not!), we wouldn't be able to experience profound moments of opening up to light, ease, positivity, and just the overall abundance of good. i find myself sometimes wanting to stop my negative thoughts completely, to not feel fear again, to not get nervous or anxious, but it's almost like the battling of these feelings is worse than the feelings themselves. it's kinda crazy, but we have to go into these dark places to pop out the other side into a sunrise. it's a pretty simple primitive response to want to avoid what hurts, isn't it? but if we stop and look into that pain, perhaps we can see the beauty in it and catch a glimpse of it as a step in our journey to becoming more in line with our true selves. the selves that are endlessly loving and open and not tip toeing around things to avoid what's scary. this morning ashley said to us, 'embrace a negative feeling... because on the other side of it is one of your greatest breakthroughs.'

it's definitely not easy, but today i am dipping my toes in the mud and watching as little tiny buds of my lotus heart are poking through reaching towards the sun. namaste :).


  1. This is an amazing concept and one that I try to remember. But too often I find myself battling these doubtful thoughts and making things worse. It's just a chaotic mess of self-destructiveness!! This just happened yesterday and I reminded myself, this too shall pass and without these awful feelings, the good ones wouldn't be so amazing. Thanks for sharing this:) Can't wait to buy a pair of leggings from you! Your shop is awesome!

    Much love,

    1. thank you so much for reading sweet tori!! sending you a giant virtual hug! xoxo



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