one for me.

good evening! i sure hope you are having a peaceful moment right now :). i am, 'cause i just woke up from a blissful nap! oh heaven it was! i saw patrick lying there dozing off, liam went to join him, my eyelids felt a little heavy, and i knew i was done for. 1 1/2 hours of doze-age. aw yeah.

so these pants i'm wearing were an experiment. when i do a lot of hand dyeing for my lovely customers' orders, sometimes i want a little more creativity. because dyeing the same pants in my shop over and over can get a little, well, not creative. so when i feel that sense of being boxed in imagination-wise, i often will make a freestyle pair of pants or top for myself. {this had led me to have faaar too many pairs of yoga pants. i just counted and i'm at 24 pairs. is that too much?!} in my last batch of dyeing i created these bad boy fireworks pants. i think they're pretty neat, but i'm not so in love with them that i have to sell them in the shop. not every pair can be a stunner. haha.

{i want to make a side note here and ask : does anybody have any ideas for hair styles for my short hair? i feel like i can only wear it down plain like this, but there goes my creative mind again wanting to mix it up a little. so any thoughts, please and thank you!}

good night my friends! xo.


  1. your hair is adorable. by a pack of bobby pins and get creative or a really cute headband from etsy!!

    1. thank you lovely lou! YES bobby pins! that's where it's at. ill go get some this weekend.. and headbands!! great ideas! thanks darlin! xo

  2. Great work - gorgeous experiment!

  3. cute clips and headbands are a good idea. but wearing it down looks great so thats good too!!!
    Pants look great sis.

    Love You,

  4. Love the pants!! I would totally buy a pair! :)



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