my pregnancy journal : 2

How far along?
16 weeks yesterday! And it was my first 'Mother's Day' yesterday (kinda, right?). Patrick's mom was here visiting and it was so sweet to have her. I hope to be as kind of a mom as her! (Melissa, we miss you!)

How big is the peanut?
Avocado? Seems like there's a piece of fruit for every week haha!

Total weight gain/loss? 
This might not be a great question for me because I don't have a scale. Definitely feeling like I've gained 10 lbs though... I'll know at my next appointment in a week or so.

Maternity clothes? 
OK YES! This is what I want to talk about! And don't get me started on maternity jeans! I just got my first pair and they are heaven! Why can't we always wear them?? Soooo comfortable! I did a little shopping on Nordstrom Rack online and got some really pretty dresses, a loose blouse, and black skinny maternity jeans. The clothes are a game changer for me. The first few months of pregnancy I just felt really sick, and kinda ugly. And the past few weeks I've just felt fat really, because some of my clothes just don't fit the way they used to. So that didn't allow me to feel like a pregnant mama goddess, ya know? New clothes that flatter and fit are changing my whole perspective on the changes my body is going through. I can now embrace my growing body, and honestly feel like a divine feminine-fertile-beautiful woman right now! I'm seeing myself in a way I never have before, and I really have clothes that fit to thank. Next post I'll get Patrick to take a photo of me in my favorite new maxi dress. (So much better than an iPhone photo in harem pants in the bathroom, but hey that's me today in real life.) ;)

Sleep is still great. Everyone I meet or know that has kids tells me to sleep it up now because in 5 months we'll never sleep again...

Best moment this week? 
Maternity clothes. Plus I like them so much I know I'll wear them even after my pregnancy. Also, Patrick's mom being here and making us cookies. Hehe. 

Not many! I really can almost forget I'm pregnant at this point. My boobs feel weird, like hard and soft in different places so that's new. 

Food cravings? 
I feel pretty much back to normal food wise. No big cravings, but I like food again so that's AMAZING.

Food aversions? 
Not really any.

We'll know for sure next Weds!!

Labor signs? 
Haha. No. (I'm laughing now, but I don't think I will be in a few months.)

Belly button in or out? 
In. I have a cave of a belly button, we'll see what happens. 

What I miss?
Still wine. A LOT. And beer. And weed. Can I say that?

What I'm looking forward to? 
Setting up the little one's room! Seeing Patrick be an amazing Dad. Getting my second blood drawing over with next week. Coming out with a Purusha People maternity yoga line and mama & me yoga line in the future!

Seeing myself as a beautiful pregnant woman for sure. Being ok with weight gain because I know I'm creating a safe little nest for my baby. Just becoming a temple of life and realizing my full potential as a woman. I have a feeling being a Mom is going to complete me as a woman and a person in ways I can't imagine.


It's really getting bigger isn't it?! I love that little guy in that bump so much!


I'm going to add one more question, because I feel like it's important:

How are you bonding with your baby?
I'm trying to meditate daily on my little dude. I tell him he's healthy, has abundance, is good, is calm, is peaceful, is loved already so much. I feel like it's really important to stop and fully dedicate myself to thinking about him once a day. I also feel like I need to start playing the piano to him.

Mamas out there, what did you do while pregnant to connect to your baby? I'd truly LOVE to hear your traditions and ideas!

With love,


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